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What the hell is Gabber ?!?

There are a lot of definitions of this style of music.For some it is only a mess of noise where every track sounds

the same. For others, expecially people who prefer the techno-music

that is voted into the charts, Gabber is much too hard for their

soft minds. But for a selected group of humans Gabber is the only

style of music. In fact it's a kind of polarizing; so if you are a

real Gabberhead you will hate every other sort of music, especially

songs that are classified as hardcore by some major record-companies.

To say it in another word, Gabber is a philosophy.


The history of Gabber

Gabber is a further development of a part of so-called hardcore-

techno music that started to be popular in the netherlands at the

beginning of the 90s. The real old-school hardcore tracks at this time

were dominated by a 909-bassdrum. The speed was around 180 bpm and most

of the tracks sounded kinda `dark`, cold and industrial. In fact this

music had a mechanical hardness, resulting from the minimalism of producing.

Most of the songs only had around 4 tracks and 2 - 5 different samples.

Without any question these trax were the hardest electronic music at

this time. But for some guys they weren`t hard enough.


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